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The "Pointe de Grave" - Le Verdon : the first port of the estuary
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Port Bloc

View of the mouth of the estuary Royan au fond

One section of Port Bloc is reserved for the ferry station to transport cars and passengers to Royan. Also stationed here are, tugboats which guide larger boats into the estuary, the dredge-boat of the channel, speed boats of the coast guard, and the boats of the bouy service. This active port also attracts many pleasure boats, giving it a sense of charm.


Surrounding walking tours will bring you to the foot of Fort de Grave fortifications, built at the end of 19th century in the style of Vauban's works.

Fort de Grave

Walking all around.
Carte Balade Pointe du Médoc
Numerous promenades are possible around Le Verdon. Let yourself be guided by the red and white markers of the GR 8, beginning at La Pointe de Grave. You will go along the bike path that goes through the woods until Soulac-Sur-Mer and the rail road of Pointe de Grave - Soulac, still in service during high season. The trail, in green on the map, will guide you until the pretty Saint Nicolas lighthouse, to come back by the fort of Le Verdon and the blockades from world war 2...
By mountain bike you can easily do the round trip to Soulac, 10km south.