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The lighthouse of Cordouan

Heritage of Gironde

Named ‘’the king of the lighthouse, the lighthouse of the king’’, Cordouan is an exceptional lighthouse in the world, which the visit generates wonder.
The lighthouse of Cordouan is classified at the historical monument in 1862
Tourism office of Verdon-sur-Mer
2 Rue André et Marcel Tart
33123 Le Verdon sur Mer
Phone : 0033 556 09 61 78
Visits : April to October at low tide .
Information : Richard and Christine Grass
Page caruso : Vedettes La Bohême II et III
Département : Gironde
Micro-région : Médoc
Ville : Le Verdon-sur-Mer
Phare de Cordouan
Phare de Cordouan (DR Pierre FENEROU)
You have to climb up 311 steps to reach the lantern and enjoy the exceptional panorama of the estuary of Gironde, the Atlantic coast, and the high sea.
Located to equal distance of the Charente and Gironde coasts, Cordouan is unquestionably the most beautiful lighthouse of France.
The actual islet on which is built the lighthouse of Cordouan, in the old days emerged of the sands. From 1088, monks looked after the fire to guide ship in entrance in Gironde. It is the Black Prince (Edward, Prince of Wales) at the 14th century who ordered the building of the first tower on the islet.
It has been rebuilt in 1582 in the style of a splendid palace by the engineer Louis Defoix, on the order of Henri the 4th. The spectacle of the royal apartment, the chapel, its stained glasses, and its dome would impress all of the visitors.
The lighthouse would found its actual form in 1782 with the raising height imagined by the famous engineer Teulène. This wonderful architecture (height 221.5 feet which 212 feet upside the high sea) is before all of the rest an utilitarian edifice which attests of four centuries of navigation in the estuary.
The lighthouse of Cordouan can be visited in April to September. The start can be done at the "pointe de Grave", with the Vedette La Bohême II (99 passengers booking indispensable). The outing is approximately of four hours, which 30minutes for the crossing.
The museum of the lighthouse of Cordouan, of lighthouse and beacons can be visited on the lighthouse of the Grave, situated on the commune of Verdon-sur-Mer. Plan, mock-up, and photographic documents related to the lighthouse of Cordouan and others lighthouses of the region are at your disposal (lighthouse of Grave and of St Nicolas, lighthouse of Richard, of Houtin, and of Cap-Ferret). The lighthouse of the Grave was built in 1859. 92 feet of height, and its 108 steps, you can see the Gironde estuary, and the lighthouse of Cordouan.
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