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The cathedral St André

Heritage of Gironde - listed at ancient monument

Place Pey Berland
12th century - 14th century
In the same time gothic concerning the choir and the transept and also roman for the low parties of the nave. The south side is under restoration, and future restoration of the north and royal great door.
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Department : Gironde
Micro-region : Bordelais
City : Bordeaux
BORDEAUX : Le Miroir d'eau
Cathédrale Saint-André à Bordeaux, Gironde
La cathédrale Saint André, vue d'ensemble
The gothic style gives to Bordeaux a treasure in the St André’s cathedral. Thanks to the ancient archbishop, Bertrand de Goth, the cathedral has got an elaborated decoration, which makes of it, one of the most remarkable gothic edifices of France. At the 15th century, the archbishop Pey-Berland built outside an isolated steeple, which he named like him: the Pey Berland’s tower.
The edifice under restoration has got a nave, built at the 11th and 12th century. It had been modified at the 14th and 15th centuries. The choir is in a shining gothic style. Wonderful sculptures adorned the royal, north and south great door.
Because of its rich historical heritage, Bordeaux can be proud of itself. Its inscription at the World heritage of humanity can be the witness of this richness. Its building has been spread on the 11th to the 15th centuries, in a set powerful as elegant.
You cannot be insensitive to the pillar losing in the vault, the higher of the spire of 90 meters.
The robust monument seems to be made for fight the centuries. However, because of the swampy nature of the land, the builders had been confronted to a lot of difficulties, they were on the obligation to put the edifice on tchanques (“stilt” in Gascon), composed of wood pick settled in the rock of the underground.
Rich in history, the cathedral was the witness of significant events like the 22 July 1137, the cathedral was the place where Aliénor d’Aquitaine and The Prince Louis, the future king of France. He was sacred king of France in August of the same year, under the name of Louis the 7th.
In 1274, the Bordelais recognized the King of England Edward the 1st as the Duke of Aquitaine. The 5th August 1305, the archbishop Bertrand de Goth was elected as pontificated sovereign, and took Clément the 5th as pope’s name.
The 26th November 1615, the wedding of Louis the 13th and Anne of Austrian was celebrated in the cathedral.
Author : Christian THELLIEZ
Translation : Amélie Martic
May 2007

Cathédrale Saint-André à Bordeaux
La cathédrale Saint-André
Cathédrale Saint-André Cathédrale Saint André Cathédrale Saint André Tour Pey Berland
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