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The Home of tourism of the Saint-Emilion’s Jurade.
Logo Office de tourisme de Saint EmilionThe Home of tourism of the Saint-Emilion’s Jurade.
Place des Créneaux
Tél. : 05 57 55 28 28
Fax : 05 57 55 28 29
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Welcome of the tourists and organisation of the visits of Saint-Emilion

Days and hours of home of tourism opening :
  Open every days of the year
Department : Gironde
Micro-region : Libournais
City : Saint-Emilion
L'office de tourisme de la jurade de Saint-Emilion
Saint Emilion inscrit au partimoine mondial


An association of the law of 1901
The Home of tourism of the Saint-Emilion’s jurisdiction is an association (law of 1901), created in the 1930’s to answer to mass of tourists who wish visiting a site, which the fame was diffused due to the quality of its vineyard, and the richness of its patrimony.
On the million yearly tourists at Saint-Emilion, 250 000 of them are passing by the home of tourism

The home of tourism is administrated by a governing board, of twenty members around a chairman of the board, Eric Lenormand. The home of tourism is employing 15 employees in CDI (forms of working contracts, which has no term), completed in high season by approximately 5 summer workers.
Since the 2000 year the home of tourism follows a quality step “Welcome and information of Homes of tourism”, the home of tourism**** of the Saint-Emilion’s jurisdiction received in 2008 the certification AFAQ/AFNOR.

The missions of public services are delegated to Home of tourism are: welcoming, information, animation, coordination, and promotion of the local touristic offer, and also the organisation of parties and manifestations.
The Home of tourism is contributing to the coordination of interventions of the multiples partner of the local touristic development, on the totality jurisdiction’s territory.
Complementary missions are also delegated :
• Participation to the elaboration and implementation of the tourism politic on its territory, and programs of touristic development;
• Elaboration and marketing of touristic products (authorisation n° AU 033 96 0005, relative at the law n°92-645 of the 13th July 1992);
• Exploitation of touristic’ installations and hobbies;
• Hobbies’ animation;
• Organisation of parties and artistic’ manifestations;

Tourisme et handicapTourism & Handicap
Since 2010, the home of tourism is qualified Tourism and Handicap for all of handicap’s types. Also, the edifice of the Office was adapted to the welcome of handicapped persons. Other examples of adaptation, tour of free visits accessible for handicapped persons are composed of a city plan indicating the streets which can be taken, and comments on the edifice of the tour.
Every year, the OT is participating at the national journey of Tourism and Handicap by giving guided visit by day, adapted by handicapped persons. Finally, on demand, the welcoming employee of the OT can go with the handicapped persons in the underworld accessible edifice: the chapel of the Trinity, the monolithic church. Enfin, sur demande, la personnel d’accueil de l’OT peut accompagner des personnes à mobilité réduite dans les monuments souterrains accessibles : la chapelle de la Trinité et l’église monolithe.

Magazines on several languages are edited every year, to answer for the best to the demand of visitors. Always in an optic of "Quality", the home of tourism invited the networker to load the magazines or to composed their own travel diary, via the website trilingual.
Many visits are proposed to individual visitors and groups. A commercial service is dedicated to the creation and the sold of products all-in at destination of the two kind of customers.

The jurade and its origins

La jurade de Saint-Emilion The 8th July 1199, Jean Sans Terre, son of Aliénor d’Aquitaine, and King of England, ratified the Chartes of Falaise, giving to Saint-Emilion on freedom, and free custom: it is the birth of the Jurade.
The Jurade takes in charge the viticultural area, the sector of activity which is predominating in the city, and social with the administration of a hospital, collected the noble tax and of the clergy, and the defence of freedoms in general.
Those strong rules of the Jurade contributed without any doubt to the prosperity, the production’s quality of wine in Saint-Emilion.
In 1289, under Edouard the first, King of England, Jurade’s power are extended to eight parishes around Saint Emilion forming the jurisdiction of Saint Emilion. The jurisdiction was formed of Saint Christophe des Bardes, Saint-Emilion, Saint Etienne de Lisse, Saint-Hyppolyte, Saint Laurent des Combes, Saint Martin de Mazerat (attached to Saint-Emilion at the Revolution), Saint-Pey d’Armens, Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens and Vignonet Les fêtes de la Jurade
Nowadays, the jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion still exists, but the geographical limits are similar to the appellation area (with some exception).
Like every ancient institution, the judge body of Saint-Emilion disappeared at the Revolution, but the 13th September 1948, on a proposition of Saint Emilion’s viticcultural organisation, is created a new organisation. Thanks to this proposition the Jurade knows a rebirth.
. View slide about holiday Jurade


The Pass’ Escapades of Saint-Emilion :
A present idea: for a personalised stay at Saint-Emilion’s with somes clicks with the pass escapades of the home of tourism of Saint-Emilion.
Les pass Ecapade de l'Ot de saint Emilion The pass’escapades of Saint-Emilion are available on the website of the home of tourism.
For a gift, or to please, there is nothing better than a week-end or a short stay in the heart of one of the most famous vineyard in the world?
A Saint-Emilion for everybody, a box for everybody. Between discovers, wellness or Premium, internet users have the choice

The home of tourism had chosen the best of Saint-Emilion boarding’s house and activity: walk, gastronomic discovering, relaxation, tasting, cultural visits...
At home, you just have to choose between ten propositions of programs with option, and to organize freely a living time (stay) of your choice: date, numbers of night, place of stay, activity. Between picnic bio at a winegrower place on Sunday, and a gastronomic stay with a diner in the best starry restaurant of Saint-Emilion by passing a class about assembly, tasting of wine, or a relaxation journey in a spa with a sight on the vineyard. There are a numerous and adapted possibilities for all the budget and envy.

Organised by a professional team working on the website, the pass’escapades is distinguished of all other traditional gift box, playing with quality and trust. The internet users can choose, reserve and buy on-line safely a week-end or a saty for themselves, or relative, alone, two or in family. It is also an original idea for a birth gift, an event or for celebration of the year’s end.


•   Présentation de Saint-Emilion
•   Diaporama photo sur Saint-Emilion et les fêtes de La Jurade
•   La boutique de l'Office
•   L'église monolithe
•   L'église collégiale
•   La Tour du Roy
•   musee-poterie-st-emilion.html
•   le-train-des-grands-vignobles.html


•   21 km bike : Entre vignes et Dordogne
•   20 km bike : Architectures remarquables
•   15 km bike : Les premier grands crus classés
•   10 km walk : Les propriétés familiales
•     6 km walk : Les petites histoires
•     6 km walk : Agriculture bio
•   11 km walk : Les terroirs
•   10 km walk : La croisée des appellations
The detailed plan for each of the walks is available at the Tourist Office which also offers bike hire (15 € per day and 12 € half day)
casemate Saint Emilion
The country in Saint-Emilion

L'église monolithe
The monolithe church

Saint Emilion
Wine in Saint-Emilion

Les fêtes de la jurade de Saint Emilion
The Jurade (picture Anne Lanta)

La jurade de saint-Emilion
The Jurade (picture Anne Lanta)

Ruelle de Saint-Emilion The city

L'église monolithe de saint Emilion
the monolithe church(picture Anne Lanta)

balades st Emilion
Around St Emilion

pictures :  Anne LANTA (Agence Hemisko), Jacques Ferchaud, Caruso33

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