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The collegiate church of Saint Emilion

The vaster roman church of Gironde

Tourism home of Saint Emilion

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Department : Gironde
Micro-region : Libournais
City : Saint-Emilion

A five-sided apse to the nave (Flamboyant)

The collegiate church

Cloitre eglise collégiale
the cloister

Formerly abbey church, then collegiate, this church of 79 meters of long, is one of the vaster church in the department.
A college of canon erected at the end of the 11th century a convent with its cloister, and a roman church which would become a collegiate church.
The nave elevated at the 12th century, and its porch topped by a saved steeple, they kept the roman style.
The choir is from the 14th century. It shelters a classified organ, the only instrument built in 1892 by Gabriel Cavaillé-Coll, the son of the famous organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.
On both side of the porch, there are two statues classified, which are Saint-Joseph, children Jésus and a Sainte, in polychrome wood of the 17th century.
In the nave can be noticed the pulpit of Jouandot an artist Bordelais of the 19th century. The cloister was built at the 14th century on the ruin of an ancient roman cloister, is an invitation to meditation.
Inside of the church and the cloister, there are wonderful paintings which have been restored. Furthermore, inside of the church there is an exposition of texts and pictures about the saint shroud, which permit to discover the outstanding story of this fabric.


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