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The Home of tourism’s shop of Saint Emilion.

Decoration, thematic of wine, heritage and local products.

The shop of the home of tourism.

Logo ot saint-Emilion Place des Créneaux
Tél. : 05 57 55 28 28
Fax : 05 57 55 28 29
e-mail :
Caruso Page : office-tourisme-st-emilion.html
Décoration, art de la table. Decoration, table art, products created by the inhabitants of Saint Emilion’s jurisdiction, and local products.
The shop is open every day of the year.

Boutisue de l'ot de Saint Emilion
Department : Gironde
Micro-region : Libournais
City : Saint-Emilion
Boutique de l'Office de tourisme de SAint-Emilion
boutique de l'office de tourisme de SAint-Emilion
The home of tourism wished to emphasise the extraordinary heritage of Saint Emilion, and of its jurisdiction by creating a pretty shop inside the home of tourism.
The proposed products in this shop are all about or around the subject of wine, and its heritage, are of really good quality, and answer to actual trendy in mode and decoration area.

The local product are pointed up, there are three types:
• Products made by the jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion: Seldevin, small tave, key ring.
• Products created by the inhabitants of the jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion: parfum Water of Saint Emilion and Aroma, candle spirit of the grape harvest, «macaron», «cannelés»..
• Products came from the region of Aquitaine: soap of Bordeaux (Landes), jam (Entre-deux-Mers), dish towel (Pays-Basque).

The shop converted a place to art reproduction, decoration object, L'art de la table saint Emilionlogo products of Saint-Emilion, and works on tasting or local gastronomy. A children space (colouring, figurines, puzzles, clothes…) can spoiled your child. Then ranges of T-shirt, apron, bags are changing at each season.
It is also possible to found some of those products, and to buy its online via the website of the shop, freshly relooked in 2010. A good idea for an original shopping, easily accessible, to make, or make to you pleasure.

La boutique de l'Office de Saint Emilion
De l'espace dans la boutique de l'Office

Le sel de vin
Le Seldevin

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Last updated :  17th november 2019
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